Bali always welcomes every body who wants to come to Bali with friendly smile. Not only for tourism, has Bali also famous for one of the biggest handicraft manufactured in the world. We mostly produced handmade handicraft with the basic materials that we found on our surrounding island without destroying them as we are committed to heritage them with our children. All the products we sell, are selling in many countries because we are so concerned with quality, time and also price, so we are very positive to serve you better. All of our products are ready in our shop and warehouse and ready wait for shipment. If you are interested, please explore our website for further reference. And if you don't find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and we are glad to source it for you. The detailed quotation will be offered upon receipt your enquiry. We are looking forward to welcome you in GANGGA SUKTA HANDICRAFT MANUFACTURER AND EXPORTER.

Network of happy family business :

We are working together with all of our friends who are network of family business located all around Bali Island.


Our Services :


We have several inquiries from people who have been to Indonesia and shipped back to their countries starting from just 1 meter cubic box until containers of handicraft products to sell from warehouses, markets, fairs or even in their own retail store. If you are interested, we can accommodate your orders for items not shown in our catalog, especially for Bali Handicrafts, Bali Sandals, Bali Home wares, Bali Accessories, Bali Jewelry, Bali Handbags, Bali Furniture, Bali clothing, Bali Costume Jewelry, Bali Wood Carving, Bali Wall Decorations, Bali Traditional Sculptures and many other Bali Products.